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“I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

I’m looking for my hoodie.


This can only end in tragedy.

Jump from Height.

Method calculator.

Red Rabbits.

Into the crucible to be rendered an emulsion.

Poopy Dash.

I win the poopy dash.

Can’t Sleep.

Black Satin Chicken.

Bye-bye, motherfuckers.

Send ‘em all up in a spaceship towards the sun.

Still to come…

The worst part.

And then my poor meatball…

Please, No soliciting.

I am a solicitor. I have come to interrupt your dinner.

It’s a shark.

Joni Church: Oh come on, already.

Joni Church is a pet sitter in New Jersey. She is not me. I am a video editor (and so much more) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I shouldn’t care, because she deserves the name as much as I do (I guess), but it really bothers me that this other Joni’s name dominates the first page of a Google search.

So I’ve egotistically pulled together a comprehensive guide to my web presence for those of you who would like to know absolutely everything about me (I imagine none of you). This is it, people. All there is. Nothing and no more than what you can learn from the list below. These are me. I am these…



About Me

Apple Discussions

Creative Cow

Recreating Eden

One Ocean

International Institute for Sustainable Development


And finally… NOT ME.

(wait a minute… JONICHURCH.COM?!?… jesus, she’s taken everything.)


Hello Kim!

Dear Kim- my one and only blogovisitor,

I am currently transferring all of my blogwork to another server due to <unnamed gracious developer>’s incompetence. Thank you for supporting me and my hack art, I will post a very special picture just for you once this whole nightmare is behind me.

Hey <unnamed gracious developer>… Fuck you!

Love and blogging,


<ps – careful what cans o’ beanworms you unleash >